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Freestanding Bathtubs

If you are looking for a wide array of free standing bath tub choices, you have come to the right place and the right time. This website will help you choose and decide on the proper style, material, and fixtures that your free standing bath tubs should have. Deciding on a free standing bath tubs will help you save time and money. These kinds of bath tubs are designed to stand directly on the floor of the floor of the bathroom or on legs such as a clawfoot bath tub.

Free standing bath tubs are especially good for bathrooms where do you not want to install directly into the wall and you would rather have them simply stand wherever you would like them to be in your bathroom. They are also becoming very popular now-a-days for installations in modern designed homes if you want to achieve that classical look. 

Considering that free standing bath tubs in general promote simple installation and prevent behind-the-wall water damage, they are a good choice when you want to upgrade your bathroom. These bath tubs come in different sizes, too. They are also made from many different materials. Each one providing attractive design, good value, and good capacity for long-time use. There are those that provide a relaxing hydro-massage and with an installed heater that helps maintain the water temperature, therefore extending the bathing experience. The following can be considered in deciding the type that you would like to have. 

Acrylic Free Standing Bath Tubs 

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, free standing bath tubs made of acrylic alcove may just be what your bathroom renovation needs. When crafted with acrylic, especially of high-quality, the tub promotes durability and luster. Fiberglass is also used as reinforcement material to the vacuum-formed acrylic sheets. This makes the finished product resistant to cracking and chipping. Acrylic bath tubs are relatively inexpensive and also light in weight. With your choice of colors, this bath tub will breathe new life into any bathroom design. 

Cast Iron Bath Tubs 

These are among the most expensive bath tubs on the market today. Cast iron bath tubs are made by pouring molten iron into a mould, hence they are expensive but then very durable. They are impervious to most chemicals and are almost impossible to dent or even scratch. They are aesthetically beautiful, having smooth lines that make it more elegant; this tub contains many elements of the mineral raw materials, which promote blood circulation and various health benefits. 

Fiberglass/FRP Bath Tubs 

Gel-coated fiberglass, more commonly called FRP, is one of the most inexpensive bath tub materials. FRP bath tubs are manufactured by building up layers of fiberglass finished with a spray coat of polyester resin. Cleaning this will also be a breeze. For scummy tubs, you can just use a non-abrasive cleaner; even a baking soda will work, to lightly cover the tub. In keeping your bathtubs looking nice in between cleanings, keep a squeegee nearby and wipe away any water from the glass and flat portions of the tub and shower. So, deciding to choose a bath tub made of fiberglass will also prove to be easy. 
Porcelain on Steel Bath Tubs

This is the least expensive of all bath tubs. It leads quality of units sold as replacements and in new home construction. Stamped out of a solid piece of steel, it is finished with a layer of porcelain. The finish is very durable and is highly resistant to most chemicals and abrasions. And since porcelain scratches easily, don’t use anything abrasive like a steel wool pad. Plain soap and rubbing with a nonabrasive cloth will work, although it will entail a lot of work. 

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